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Each adult is confronted with tax-related issues whether in a direct or indirect way. It’s ironic that the topic is so ubiquitous that taxation is only understood by only a small number of people. Within the law field also, tax professionals are as rare as chickens teeth. This is due to it being an area of specialization that requires a solid understanding of concepts that go far beyond the normal scope of work. We are very proud to announce that we are one of the leading tax lawyers in Pakistan and over the last few years we have had the ability to get various remedies from Courts including an injunction for recovery of tax, exemptions, audits, and other related areas. Our team is able to handle areas such as compliance, finance, and accounting which means that they are capable of presenting an argument that can be heard in the courts of law.

It is essential to recognize that when tax matters are not properly handled, businesses, as well as individuals, could be in a bind. In Pakistan particularly where it is the case that the Federal Board of Revenue (‘FBR’) comes hard upon those suspects of tax fraud or tax evasion which is why, in order to ensure the safety of your business, a reputable attorney is essential. As one of the top tax attorneys, we are proud of having a team that provides the most effective solution to specific tax issues that could have a significant cost.
For general tax and customs-related issues, our team is able to advise and advocate on matters pertaining to the taxation of corporations such as the tax on income, sales taxes tax on goods and services, and coercive recoveries from the Federal Board of Revenue, and other taxes imposed by local governments.

Get Justice has substantial time working in the most senior Civil Service positions in the Inland Revenue Service and has excellent legal and tax training from top law schools in the world. In the Bar, they have successfully represented clients in numerous contentions cases before higher judicial forums. This allows us to showcase our services which range from the preparation of a tax-efficient business transaction to representing clients in front of the IRS/FBR as well as the judicial courts up down to that of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Alongside income taxation, corporate taxation, and sales tax, our tax practice includes professional and federal excises, provincial sales tax, trade, and professional taxes and property tax, and various other taxes imposed by local governments.

Our tax practices include the following: restructuring and planning of transactions regular review of accounting procedures and processes reviewing the final accounts for tax calculation and tax provision as well as the preparation of the return and its annexes; handling assessment proceedings appeals by the commissioner to the Supreme Court; liaising with the Central Board of Revenue for seeking administrative solutions to difficult issues, and seeking an advance opinions of unclear statutory provisions and tax-efficient salary structuring and supporting clients to ensure prompt and cost-effective compliance, including withholding tax and the filing of periodic statements



It is the National Tax Number – NTN is required for any tax-deductible activity in Pakistan. It can be any financial transaction or the transaction of a salary. The NTN number is available through the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). After you’ve obtained NTN, also known as the National Tax Number, you can quickly become a tax return submitter and pay the tax due tax. This will save you from the burden of additional tax when you make a financial transaction.

Get Justice is composed of experts in the field of income tax law at the Islamabad office. They have a thorough understanding of the process for NTN Registration in Pakistan. They are therefore able to trust them to complete all the tasks to complete NTN registration for you so that you can concentrate on the business you are most focused on.


In accordance with the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 that the Income Tax is assessed on earnings that are tax-deductible in one year, at the rate set by the government. Taxpayers must submit a tax return each year and pay any taxes due in order to avoid additional burdens of penalties and taxes.

As previously mentioned the payment of the tax on income that is tax-deductible is required for taxpayers. To file a return and tax payment it is necessary to have a National Tax Number – NTN.

The government recently announced tax reforms that are new to improving the tax structure in Pakistan. In accordance with the new rules that govern income Tax tax returns must be filed as well as income Tax payments are now more important. Tax reforms have eased the tax process in Pakistan for business and private owners. The aim of the initiative is to make it easier for more people to complete their tax returns and be included in the net of taxation.

Our tax professionals at the Islamabad headquarters and tax professionals will handle your NTN application for you. We will create your financial statement as well as prepare your annual tax returns and provide guidelines for the payment of your taxes due and deductions from taxes.

Additionally, the highly experienced tax experts are responsible for representing your interests before tax authorities such as those of the Federal Board of Revenue – FBR. Additionally, our tax advisers in Karachi as well as the tax advisors in Islamabad city will assist you during an FBR Tax Audit to help prepare your tax return to be ready for audits and to avoid any errors.

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